Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Muahaha..finally i managed to change the layout of this blog. kekeke..
Blog sendiri xmo edit n update, tapi ngade2 nak wat onar kt blog bf..biarla..i like..lalala
I was thinking of having sumting symbolizes our feelings, tapi it ended up with this combination of black and pink..
Haish..pity my bf that he has to bear with the colour, pink i mean.
But my dear mr matemerah, maybe we can see it on the bright side. I mean, we can say that the black represents you whereas the pink one is definitely for me as a lady, even though I dont really fancy pinkish decor and stuffs...bluwexx =p
So to my dearest in KL, this is the weird thing happened to your blog that I mentioned just now. Hope you can bear with it, 'til I got another cool layout to be used..kekekeke..
Be good, mish u..=p

--miss comott--


MatekuMerah said...

hehehe..tq dear..mishuuuu