Sunday, December 19, 2010

searchin again..

masuk nih dah kali ke-3 aku resign..sebabnye gaji asek sangkut..epf n socso potong tiap2 bulan tapi xcarum..hampeh punye company!!

so skarang tepakse la aku carik keje lain plak..nak buat bisnes modal xde..sape2 ade info pasal company yg ade vacancy tu inform la ye..huhuuu

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sabar itu kan sebahagian daripada iman.

I admit that lately too many things come into our life.. and sometimes hubby was a little bit upset with the unpredictables. Tapi as far as I'm concerned, never did I complain. Alhamdulillah setakat ni saya mampu menghadapi semua perkara yang berkunjung tiba. As a matter of fact, saya tak pernah merasakan semua itu satu masalah yang besar, baik dalam hidup saya personally, or even our married life.

Cuma apa yang agak menyedihkan, kadang-kadang hubby yang of course merasakan semuanya begitu penting since he is the head of the family, tends to be affected by even the slightest challenges. So apa yang saya harapkan sekarang cumalah semoga hubby mampu bersabar since he gives me evertyhing, tak pernah tak cukup. And I just want him to know that I'm happy to have him right by my side. Having him around is all that I need. Saya juga mendoakan semua yang hubby impikan dan harapkan akan menjadi kenyataan. Mudah-mudahan Allah mempermudahkan segala urusannye. Insyaallah.. Love u always and forever b!! =)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We are expecting =)

It is kinda difficult to juggle both this blog and my other blog, especially when my own blog has been neglected for quite some time. Anyways, as long as this blogging world is reliable, I'll try my best to manage both and keep them updated. Lagipun currently hubby is quite busy that he has very little time to spend on this blog.

I'm expecting and it's already the 4th month. The nauseousness is lesser and not as terrible as the first three month but still sometimes I throw tantrums unnecessarily and with no significant reason/s. However hubby is very very patient that he is willing to 'play' the game and even help me with refreshing and energizing massage anytime I feel like banging my head (former rock star huh) or bouncing my body hard on the bed and even on the floor. (bad thing about being pregnant I guess).

Despite the little quarrel we had (yeah, I always dragged him into small fights ever since I get pregnant), hubby never complained about being tired, stressed and what not. In fact, he is here and there for me. He is EVERYWHERE!! Kalau right now I call him and ask him to come back, he would! All the way from Kl, he would come back just for me. Owh how lucky I am.

Hubby is very very very HAPPY with the fact that we are going to have a baby. Pray for this happiness to last forever. InsyaAllah~~

Friday, June 25, 2010

..the love of our lives..

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

~Mohamad Aizat~

Previous post by my bf, telling this and that about me, and how we met for the first time. Thus in this post, let me tell our story from my view.

It all started last year, when I was on my journey back to Melaka with my friends, Indah and Su. I got it all fresh in my mind, when Indah was on the line, talking to her brother, who is now my dearest Mr Aizat. Well at that time Su nih dah pernah jumpa Mr Aizat, so she kirim salam la kat Mr Aizat when Indah was about to end the call. Sebagai seorang makhluk Tuhan yang suka menyebuk, saya pun join la tumpang kirim salam. Besela, notty me, nak usik adik-adik..ecewahhh..
So, basically it was started with kirim-mengirim salam. Until one day, I got a message from an unknown number, a 1-word message:
019-97*****: Assalamualaikum..
013-68*****: Wslm, sape neh? (response typical I kalo dapat msg from the unknowns)
019-97*****: Kakak saya cakap kalo nak kirim slm, kirim slm sendiri.

Haha, the minute I got that kind of reply, I knew that it was Indah's brother aka Mr Aizat. Then bermula la episod message2 and texting2 each other. At the beginning of our perkenalan, I kinda hesitated to reply his message. I still remember telling my friends that Im afraid--afraid that somehow the friendship would turn to something more serious, love of course. Yeah, I was telling her that without any specific reason. Rasa malu la jugak since my friend was asking me, did he confess anything to me sampai I rasa macam tuh.

Tapi kalau dah memang ditakdirkan jodoh pertemuan tuh ada, no matter what happen, ikatan yang dah ditakdirkan tuh pasti akan terjalin jugak. And that's what happened to us. Each day, I fell the urge to mess with his biz, be a busybody and get to know his life and care about him. and I just could not deny it anymore, the fact that I started to fall in love with him. No surprise, he felt the same way too. And finally, we become an inseparable couple that already decided to tie the knot (insyaAllah) next month, without even having the so-called declaration to be a couple okeh!

This month, genaplah setahun I knew this wonderful guy, and I fell so lucky having him with me. No more adik-adik but he's still my dearest baby. Being by his side makes me realise that life is even greater with people who care about you, and love you unconditionally. And this is the one and only relationship Ive gone through, that last this long, and hopefully Allah will ensure its longevity, to be last till my last breath. Coz Im completed now, and I dont want any other love but his..

Tenkiu Mr Aizat, for being with me, and definitely for everything, which I cant describe in words. Love you always and forever, insyaAllah~

>>miss comot<<

Monday, May 10, 2010

Siti Norbaya

salam..dah lame aku xupdate blog ni..agak xsempat sbb bz ngn keje..
ni aku nak cite
mule² aku knal dia lepas die kirim salam kat aku thru kakak aku..
then aku suh kakak aku kirim salam balik..dia xnak..dia suruh aku kirim salam sendiri...
then aku mintak no dia ngn kakak aku..

1st msg aku 'assalamualaikum'...
dia reply 'wslm...sape ni??'
dari situ kami mule kenal²..
time tu aku keje kat p.gudang..dia plak praktikum kat sebuah skolah kat mlake..
msg pnye msg aku pon beranikan diri call dia..
time tu cuti dia kat kg..
aku call tu xtau nak ckp ape..xde idea..just cite² kosong je...
then kitorang stat ym..makin rapat n rapat..
rase senang ngn dia..

lps tu aku tanye dia nak wat 1+5 x??lagi jimat..dia on..then aku buat n pos kat dia..
bermula lah acara gayut menggayut...hehe..
suke sgt borak ngn dia..dia care pasal aku..

ntah mcm mane timbul rase syg..tapi aku segan nak cakap..takot..
takot dia ckp aku lebih2..takot dia xnak kontek ngn aku dah..n mcm2 takot lagi ade..
then aku beranikan diri gak ckp ape yg aku rase..(takot+segan)huhu..
tapi ketakutan n keseganan aku tu dibalas ngn perasaan yg same oleh dia...
aku hepi n rase mcm nak melompat kelangit je..(bajet boleh lompat tinggi lak)haha..

bulan 7 aku behenti keje..(kontrak xdisambung)..
so aku jadik la penanam anggur..
1st time aku jumpe dia time last day dia kat maktab..ade present ape ntah..
ke hantar report prektikum..aku pon xigt..kakak aku telibat skali..heee
dr jauh aku nampak dia..aku call dia..
aku nyorok dlm kete..hehe..segan nak jumpe..time tu dia tgh otw g kat pjumpaan tu..
aku tunggu sampai abes then dia dtg ngn kakak aku..dia malu..xnak jumpe...huuhu
pastu jumpe la gak..tapi xckp pape..then dia amik fon call ma dia..huhu..
aku g anta dia kat rumah..dia still tgh ckp fon..
(dia ckp fon sbb segan n xtau nak act cane)..dia kate la...hehe

lps tu aku trus balik umah kakak aku..aku igt nak balik klantan esoknye..
tapi pakcik n ayah aku rushing nak balik trus..
mule la babak sedih² n nangis²..huhu..sedih n sayu sbb dapt jumpe kejap..
then aku balik..berat ati sgt..

stat dr situ kitorang makin rapat n rapat..makin sayang n sayang..
sampai hari ni kasih sayang yang kitorang pupuk berkekalan...
dah nak masuk stahun kitorang knal..

insyaAllah pada malam 12 june 2010 ni kitorang akan diIjab Kabulkan..
insyaAllah kasih sayang kitorang pupuk ni berkekalan sampai ke akhir hayat kami..
doakan kami semoga semua berjalan lancar...

kepada Siti Norbaya - aku cinta kamu sepenuh hatiku...

this is her...
aku sayang dia..aku cinta dia...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

You Know That I Miss You

..faihan tomeyy..

..xpaham kenapa suke sangat faihan kat mamat neh..

..muka xpuas hati sebab encik driver begitu siyes memandu sampai xnak layan saya potpetpotpet..


Tuesday, March 9, 2010


its 2 a.m now and i just couldn't sleep at all..
im worried bout her..
she has to sleep in the car due to unmanageable program that she have to attend..
what is wrong with people who suppose to manage that program??
what are they doing??!!
just plan??not manage??
is it so hard to prepare a proper place for teacher to stay??
what is this??!!!

i really can't accept this!!!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Muahaha..finally i managed to change the layout of this blog. kekeke..
Blog sendiri xmo edit n update, tapi ngade2 nak wat onar kt blog bf..biarla..i like..lalala
I was thinking of having sumting symbolizes our feelings, tapi it ended up with this combination of black and pink..
Haish..pity my bf that he has to bear with the colour, pink i mean.
But my dear mr matemerah, maybe we can see it on the bright side. I mean, we can say that the black represents you whereas the pink one is definitely for me as a lady, even though I dont really fancy pinkish decor and stuffs...bluwexx =p
So to my dearest in KL, this is the weird thing happened to your blog that I mentioned just now. Hope you can bear with it, 'til I got another cool layout to be used..kekekeke..
Be good, mish u..=p

--miss comott--

Monday, March 1, 2010

cuti yang panjang..

lepas aku sampai kb ngn foreigner tu maka bermulalah cuti aku yg agak panjang..

sepatutnya aku kena stat keje hari rabu (17/02/2010) tapi aku extand sbb ade masalah..
maka aku pon send msg kat supervisorn pojek manager..ckp aku xleh nak masuk on-time..

aku pon sambung la cuti aku..aku plan hari sabtu (21/02/2010) aku nak gerak..
cuti punye cuti aku sampai la hari sabtu yang ditunggu²...
pagi tu sarapan bersama² family n 2 member adik aku yang nak tumpang ke KL..
kitorang pon bertolak la dlpm pkol 9 lebih..sampai kat kok lanas baru aku prasan ade barang tetinggal..

aku pon kontek akak aku utk hantar barang yang tertinggal tu..
aku tunggu kat BHP machang..xsampai stengah jam akak aku sampai bersama barang tu..
aku pon stat kete kancil biru bernombor WMC3944 tu..maka tersambunglah perjalanan kami..

sampai R&R gua musang aku stop sbb dah agak ngntok..
aku pon tido la kejap kat beranda surau..dlm 15mnt gtu...
aku tersedar sbb ade kanak² riang berlegar2 dikepalaku..kuang hajaq tol!!!
bapak dia wat slamba je..ape pnye bapak daaa..

pastu siap buang ape yg patot aku stat kete n sambung pejalanan...
sampai bentong kitorang benti kat masjid..siap solat aku tido kejap..
bgn tido tibe² perut aku jamming lagu linkin park..
then aku mintak adik aku amik makanan..

lepas makan nasik lemak yang mok aku letak dlm si(tutup idung)ya a.k.a (mangkuk tingkat) tu aku stat kete..sambung pejalanan yang dah agak nak sampai tu..lps tol gombak aku mintak member adik aku bukak gps sbb aku kurang arif jalan KL ni..

tibe² aku tegelak sbb dgr suare dr gps tuh..suare lelaki n bahasa melayu..
'jalan tiga perpuluhan tujuh kilometer dan amik kiri'..gtu la lebih kurang..haha
aku ikot je..masuk kiri pastu masuk roundabout ape ntah..
then cari jalan yaakob letih..erkk..yaakob latiff..hehe..
sampai maktab adik aku dlm pkol 6..
aku call member aku tanye pasal keje² tarik paip..member aku ckp xok sbb mesin tgolek kedalam longkang..bukan masuk dalam pon..senget je..

aku igt nak singgah opis..lps dgr member aku ckp mcm tu aku pon cancel niat aku nak singgah..
aku terus masuk jalan kg pandan menuju ke MRRII..

bersambung..malas nak menaip dah..huhu


Monday, February 15, 2010

trip to KB with foreigner..hehehe..

aku balik klantan tumpang org.. maldives n kenya kalo xsilap..
actually dorang pon tumpang aku gak sbb aku yang guide jalan..
diorang nak g amik aku kat maluri pon siap sesat kaw2 nye..
follow gps..pastu siap ckp coordinate aku bagi tu salah..adehh..

diorang 2bijik kete..sbijik kete je yang sampai kat jusco..lagi sbijik ntah kemana hilang..
yang aku heran dah tahu sesat knape la gerak jgk..
gerak sampai kat highway nak g seremban kalo xsilap aku la..
lps amik aku then aku guide dorang ke petronas highway tu..aku xigt highway ape..
yang aku tahu kena turn back..kene cari u-turn to KL..

lepas amik diorang kitorang pon bergerak la kearah jalan yang betul..
tgh jln tu ade msg masuk..
'jem gilo kat gombak' anis..adekku yang ketika itu dlm bas sani express menuju ke destinasi yang same ngn aku..

tersekat lah aku dang org2 tu dlm jam yang agak teruk..
pastu dorang xtahan n nak stop sbb nak restkan kete..btw dorang dari mlaka..
dorang nih student MMU..kitorang pon singgah la kat genting sempah kejap..
lps g toilet dorang nak truskan..time tu jalan dah agak ok..sblum gerak aku bace ayat yg mok aku ajar utk memudahkan perjalanan..

masuk bentong jln stat jam balik..traffic light yg jadik penyebabnye..
mamat kenya tu dah agak bengang..aku wat rilek je..
sampai kat shell kitorang isi minyak..pastu ade gak yang buang minyak n lain2..
siap smua kitorang begerak la menuju ke raub plak..
sampai kat bilut dorang nak behenti makan..lapo..aku pon..sbb xbfast..

flashback sikit..mlm blm tu dorang call aku ckp nak gerak dr mlaka pkol 4 pagi..
sampai tmpat aku dlm pkol 6 pagi..punye la bria aku bangun awal..
mandi pon pkol 5lbh..huhu..tahu2 dkt pkol 10 dorang sampai..

sambung balik..kitorang pon g la mam..sblm mam tu aku g solat dulu..
turun kete trus nampak surau..aku pon trus g solat..
siap solat aku g makan..nasik gorang kampung+paprik+telur dadar..
awek tukang letak nasik tuh blur bile mamat kenya ni tanye nasik ape..
pastu tanye pasal ayam masak merah..merah muke awek tuh sbb aku gelak..
yg aku igt budak tuh just ckp ' can u speak malay?'.aku gelak je..

ciap makan si jeffry (mamat kenya) ni nak drive plak..btw aku stat drive dr genting sempah..
otw tu aku byk tdo tapi kurang lelap sbb mamat tuh drive mcm ape je..
naik bukit 7 pon drive gile2 gak..sampai kat caltex merapoh kitorang stop..
buang n isi ape yg patot..pastu geliat2 sikit sorang..then sambung pjalanan..

aku drive plak..sambil mlayan lagu hape ntah..lagu rap kenya kot..haha..pening2..
sampai kat g musang ujan..agak lebat tapi xlama..lepas simpang 3 ke KB tu ujan dah stop..
sampai kat sungai durian jam plak..tapi xlama..aku pon trus la gerak sambil xhiraukan kete lagi sbijik yang agak jauh ketinggalan di belakang..

sampai kat bt 30 ade org ni tepuk bahu aku tehn suruh aku stop sbb org kat blakang srh stop..
jauh sgt kot tertinggal..dalm 15minit gak la..pastu sambung balik trip sampai kat BHP machang..
dorang stop lagi utk isi minyak..aku pon tukar kete sbb kete lagi sbijik ni driver dia letih..
dio sorang je drive dr mlaka..sambung balik trip sampai kb..legaaa..akhirnya sampai gak..

mlm tu aku kua jumpe member2 yg lame xjumpe..2org je..pokmey n pokwan..
lepak jap kat kedai mek aning..makan hamlet campur sbijik then balik..tidoooo...

tu la kisah trip aku yang agak mencabar...hahaha..mencabar la sgt..


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

waaaaaaaa.....keje manyak wooo...

manyak nye keje nak kena setelkan...
sempat ke siap??
sempat ke eh??
dah komfem² xsempat...
esok banyak lagi nak kena cover...
xcukop tgn dah nak wat nih...
haha..byk keje pon sempat lagih update blog..wakakaka..
nih nak release tensen sket..

cik adikku sayang dah pon tito..
letih..cian diaa...
banyak²kan rest ye cyg..ngehehehe...


p/s : keje banyak tapi xcukop man power..punye la kedekut Ah Keong nih..hahaha

Sunday, January 17, 2010

hari yang kusut..

ari jumaat aku sampai..
keadaan kat opis agak kelam kabut sbb semua nak kejar..
planning ntah kemana...
nak tarik paip, nak cleaning paip, nak setelkan report ndt, nak endorse filem..
adehh..member aku dah agak bengang ngn PM yang slalu push..
pastu lepas tangan..

hari tu dah janji ngn 3rd party pkol 11 pagi nak endorse..
pastu xsempat sbb xsempat nak sediakan filem..
tarik ke pkol 4..pon xsempat sbb ade poblem..
PM dah marah2..push2..member aku bengang..pastu blah mcm tuh je..

secara otomatik pape hal melibatkan QC akan jatuh atas kpale aku..
mlm tu member aku call bagitau ape yg patot..
pastu aku kontek 3rd party..budak NDT plak ilang tah kemana..
deal punya deal 3rd party sampai pkol 9.30..budak NDT lambat sket..dlm 10.30..
dah siap endorse nak kena g wat DPI plak..client srh..

ikut procedure mane nak boleh buat DPI mlm2..
tapi dah client suruh aku ikot je..kitorang pon gerak la ke site..
1st joint nak wat DPI..3rd party dah reject visual..2nd joint buat DPI tapi byk defect..
dengan slambe nye 3rd party tu ckp ' QC xwat visual ke?'..
aku tercengang je..wat rilek je sbb tu bukan aku yg jaga..
ada lebih kurang 9 joint utk wat DPI..2 joint je wat..yang lain reject visual..adehh
agak tebal muke aku nih..yang 2 joint tuh plak byk gk defect..nak kena repair..

dah siap aku balik opis..igt nak trus tido..
tibe2 tpon aku berbunyi lagu basket case..haha
supervisor call..'jat..dtg sini..nak holiday paip'..
huhu..letehnye...aku pon stat la moto n pegi sane..
siap holiday paip aku kena stay sane sbb nak tarik paip..

aku mintak izin ngn client nak balik awal sbb byk keje nak kena cover ari sabtu..
aku sampai rumah pkol 4.30..lepas basuh muke n kpale aku trus landing..
sblm tido aku msg chini ckp dah balik..hehehe

aku pon tido...bersambung...


DPI = Dye penetration inspection - salah satu cabang NDT
NDT = Non-Destructive Testing - dilakukan untuk mengesan sebarang defect pada weldment

Friday, January 15, 2010

Maluri..pegi x??

pagi tadi aku sampai kat terminal bas putra..
member aku dah janji g amik aku tapi aku call dia xjwb2 pon..
aku terpaksa amik cab..

aku tanye 1st cab 'maluri..pegi x bang?'..
dia jwb xpegi..

aku pegi kat sorang lagi cab driver..

aku : maluri pegi x bang??
cab driver : ermm..xpegi la dik..
aku wat muke sedih...hehehe
cab driver: kalo nak pegi boleh je tapi RM 25 la..
aku: 20 xbleh ke bang??
cab driver: xboleh la dik..slalu org amik RM pon dah potong RM5..susah nak g sane..jln slalu sibuk..kalo nak g cpt la..

aku pon anggukkan kepala je..nak wat mcm mane dah tepaksa..
hampeh tol..huhu..punye la laju dia bwk..perhh..nak tecabut jantung aku..
aku sampai umah dkt pkol 6pagi..rilek2 kejap tuggu subuh..
siap solat subuh aku sambung tido..sampai la dkt pkol 9..
mandi2 then keje..huhu..

pagi² lagi aku dah on pc then check gaji..xmasuk gak..

ni aku baru lepas check plak around pkol 11.45..dah masuk tapi half..uhuuuu
byr utang pon xlepas..nak retest WI lagi..adehhh...


p/s : keong..knape la ko byr half je gaji..ape aku nak makan haaaa???

Thursday, January 14, 2010

kekusutan yang perlu dihadapi...

ermm..mlm ni aku nak naek bas balik KL dah..
esok dah kena keje..tapi payment bulan 12 still xdpt..aku nak makan ape kat sane nanti??

interview kat TM quite ok tapi mok ckp xde kekosongan kat klantan..
kalo dapat kat luar mmg aku xleh nak survive..
sebabnye berstatus kontrak slama 1tahun tanpa ape2 elaun..gaji RM1250..
rmh sewa+makan+biltpon++++..cukop ke???kire cukop2 makan je..xleh nak saving..
aku keje skrg rmh dah free..tapi payment yg lambat..tu je poblem..
dah behutang keliling pinggang sampai ke lutut nih..haha

ermm..nak retest WI lagi..dkt 1k jgk..mane la aku nak cekau duit nih..
aku byk abiskan mase dok sorng2 dlm bilik je..
pk ape yg patut aku wat..too many things too deal with..
adik2 kat umah pon slalu wat prangai..sedih giler tgk..rase mcm aku nih xde ape..
xleh nak tegur sikit..trus ngamuk..

aku kesiankan mok n ayh..ayh sakit..hujung bln nih nak wat treatment..
kena masuk wad..mok akan ulang alik dr rmh ke hspital..
mlm tggu ayh kat hospital..pagi balik umah antar adik2 skolah..
cian kat mok..sedihh..aku xleh nak tlg mok dh lps aku g ni..
sebak rase ati aku nak g..berat je..

ntah..aku dah buntu..byk benda aku nak kena fikir..
mcm2 mane pon aku kena face sume nisendiri..aku xnak susahkan org lain dah..
biar aku susah sbb org jgn org susah sbb aku..
sedihhhhhhhhhhhh sgttttttttttttttt....


p/s : ah keong..tolong la byr gaji..aku dah kering sgt2 dah..

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Happy Family

Right Gas = Wrong Gas

huhu..lamenye xupdate..
yela..dah keje..opis pon baru ade tenet..lps nih akan slalu update la..
tu pon kalo ade cite2 best..

meh nak cite sket..mule2 keje aku expect keje best..
mule2 mmg besh sbb dok ofis je 3 hari..bace procedure..tgk report..
nak g site xde PPE(personal protective equipment)..
1st day aku g site pada 30/11/09..tu pon safety boot kena beli sendiri..then claim..
seb baik dpt claim..aku dibawa oleh supervisor ke projek PNGV= Petronas NGV station..
time tu QC yang handle xdtg keje..demam sbb makan daging byk sgt..
aku dgn blurr n xtau pape wat selamba jela..ala2 tahu gtu..supervisor tuh srh aku g tgk org nak lower paip..aku g jela..dia xckp pape pon kat aku..ape yg aku nak kena buat ke ape ke..just ckp g tgk org nak lower paip..QC kena ade time paip nak aku tgk je..pastu supervisor nih tanye aku pipe no. n heat no. dah amik blom??aku ngn blurr ckp 'ntah'..mebi qc lagi sorg tu dah amik kot..hahaha..lantak la..pastu siap lower n timbus aku pon balik la ofis..wak bodo..haha

kat ofis aku tanye supervisor tu ape lagi nak kena buat..dia ckp 'laaaa..duk ofis 2 3 hari xkan xtau?'...aku geram je nak hempuk kepale org tua tuh..stakat bace procedure mane la nak tahu ngn actual..ape la...

hari2 berikutnye aku lalui dgn penuh tekun dan sabar..heheheee..dpt la cope ngn keje tu..bertambahla kehitamanku..hahaha

majoriti pekerja xsolat..n ramai yang main tikam nombor ekor..kesian tol..pastu ade plak yang main judi..judi kecik2 je diorang ckp..tapi stat pkol 6 ptg sampai pkol 3 pagi..hampeh tul..lantak korang la..nak nasihat kang dah tua2 dah smua..huhu..

byk lagi nak cite tapi letih..baru balik interview TM kat TM trengganu..
nanti la sambung..huhu..

jap2...nak sambung sikit..RIGHT GAS = WRONG GAS coz semua management n planning hancur..
gaji lambat..hari ni dah 13/1/2010 tapi payment bulan 12 xdpt lagi..huhu..

ok..kesimpulannye RIGHT GAS = WRONG GAS..


p/s : wahai ah keong..bile ko nak byr gaji haaa??!!!