Tuesday, May 11, 2010

~Mohamad Aizat~

Previous post by my bf, telling this and that about me, and how we met for the first time. Thus in this post, let me tell our story from my view.

It all started last year, when I was on my journey back to Melaka with my friends, Indah and Su. I got it all fresh in my mind, when Indah was on the line, talking to her brother, who is now my dearest Mr Aizat. Well at that time Su nih dah pernah jumpa Mr Aizat, so she kirim salam la kat Mr Aizat when Indah was about to end the call. Sebagai seorang makhluk Tuhan yang suka menyebuk, saya pun join la tumpang kirim salam. Besela, notty me, nak usik adik-adik..ecewahhh..
So, basically it was started with kirim-mengirim salam. Until one day, I got a message from an unknown number, a 1-word message:
019-97*****: Assalamualaikum..
013-68*****: Wslm, sape neh? (response typical I kalo dapat msg from the unknowns)
019-97*****: Kakak saya cakap kalo nak kirim slm, kirim slm sendiri.

Haha, the minute I got that kind of reply, I knew that it was Indah's brother aka Mr Aizat. Then bermula la episod message2 and texting2 each other. At the beginning of our perkenalan, I kinda hesitated to reply his message. I still remember telling my friends that Im afraid--afraid that somehow the friendship would turn to something more serious, love of course. Yeah, I was telling her that without any specific reason. Rasa malu la jugak since my friend was asking me, did he confess anything to me sampai I rasa macam tuh.

Tapi kalau dah memang ditakdirkan jodoh pertemuan tuh ada, no matter what happen, ikatan yang dah ditakdirkan tuh pasti akan terjalin jugak. And that's what happened to us. Each day, I fell the urge to mess with his biz, be a busybody and get to know his life and care about him. and I just could not deny it anymore, the fact that I started to fall in love with him. No surprise, he felt the same way too. And finally, we become an inseparable couple that already decided to tie the knot (insyaAllah) next month, without even having the so-called declaration to be a couple okeh!

This month, genaplah setahun I knew this wonderful guy, and I fell so lucky having him with me. No more adik-adik but he's still my dearest baby. Being by his side makes me realise that life is even greater with people who care about you, and love you unconditionally. And this is the one and only relationship Ive gone through, that last this long, and hopefully Allah will ensure its longevity, to be last till my last breath. Coz Im completed now, and I dont want any other love but his..

Tenkiu Mr Aizat, for being with me, and definitely for everything, which I cant describe in words. Love you always and forever, insyaAllah~

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