Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We are expecting =)

It is kinda difficult to juggle both this blog and my other blog, especially when my own blog has been neglected for quite some time. Anyways, as long as this blogging world is reliable, I'll try my best to manage both and keep them updated. Lagipun currently hubby is quite busy that he has very little time to spend on this blog.

I'm expecting and it's already the 4th month. The nauseousness is lesser and not as terrible as the first three month but still sometimes I throw tantrums unnecessarily and with no significant reason/s. However hubby is very very patient that he is willing to 'play' the game and even help me with refreshing and energizing massage anytime I feel like banging my head (former rock star huh) or bouncing my body hard on the bed and even on the floor. (bad thing about being pregnant I guess).

Despite the little quarrel we had (yeah, I always dragged him into small fights ever since I get pregnant), hubby never complained about being tired, stressed and what not. In fact, he is here and there for me. He is EVERYWHERE!! Kalau right now I call him and ask him to come back, he would! All the way from Kl, he would come back just for me. Owh how lucky I am.

Hubby is very very very HAPPY with the fact that we are going to have a baby. Pray for this happiness to last forever. InsyaAllah~~